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Rental Owners Association of Southwestern Oregon is your online resource.

Owning & Managing Rental Property

It's serious business which will greatly affect your income and net worth, so it deserves your serious attention. Rentals can make or lose money. We are here to help make your rentals a positive financial growing experience.

Frustrated with Current Landlord/Tenant Laws?

One owner alone has virtually no power, but many owners joined together and working with their lobbyists can, and do, make a difference. ROA of Southwestern Oregon provides that chance for unity.

Meet & Network With Other Local Landlords!

A membership with Rental Owners Association of Southwestern Oregon gives you many chances to talk with other rental owners. Discuss your issues with experienced local landlords.

Delinquent Rents, Damaged Property, Evictions?

The knowledge and tools we make available (credit reports, proper rental contracts and forms, ongoing education) will make a difference.

No Time to Attend Meetings?

If you don't attend the meetings, you can still enjoy the other benefits of membership (credit checks, newsletter, contracts, forms, etc.)

Only Have a Few Units & Never Had Problems?

ROA of Southwestern Oregon membership is the best opportunity to learn quickly, avoid mistakes and be heard.


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